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Little Baby Bun-Buns Do Rockwork

  • October 13, 2019
  • Posted by Jacob Temple

The Little Baby Bun-Buns had spent the better part of a year learning to work with each other and their wet, green home of the Selway-Bitteroot, but this hitch they had to put their skills to working with a New Crew in a New Environment.

The Bun Buns had spent most of the season working with trees, with the only occasional rockwork coming as a result of a missed axe swing. In the Desert of the Frank Church the Bun Buns worked with Harry and Geoff to build rockwalls, dig tread, and use rockbars to move impassable rocks off of the trail.

Through sun and snow the bun buns were open to feedback and developed these new skills with a mix of frustration and glee. Harry is a storied man who has built many rockwalls and each member of the crew was able to get some one on one time developing their skills in dry stone masonry.

The crew flew into the Frank Church with Matt and Simon’s crew, and our cutting-focused dude crew was excited to work with a more diverse crew with a more diverse skill set; Matt and Simon’s crew were very helpful to the Bun Buns with their more intimate knowledge of tread and stone.

Throughout their stay in the Frank Church, the crews stayed on a driftwood beach and sat around the fire telling stories of trail work and skin-walkers alike, and the bun buns were ecstatic at the relative luxury of staying in one spot with access to a table.

Being so close to the end of the season, Clint and Harry were very proactive about making sure the crew members didn’t start “smelling-the-barn” and remained present in their work. In addition to the cerebral tasks of fitting rocks together, the crew had great fun rolling rocks down mountainsides and riding stones down slopes like a surfboard (in proper PPE). 

The crew left in the morning with a feeling of melancholy knowing that this would be their last actual hike of the season, but they left knowing that they had developed new skills and would continue to further develop in their final hitch of the season.   


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