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Lolo South Fork Take II

  • August 29, 2019
  • Posted by Jordan Hamilton

This hitch was the second consecutive adventure into the Lolo South Fork Trail. While the previous hitch focused on bridge-building, this hitch hinged on cross-cutting some formidable fallen trees. The krew was packed into a campsite about half a dozen miles from the trailhead, and it was here that they constructed their cowboy and cowgirl castles. Luxuries such as pillows and Bocce balls were brought along for the ride.

While the first few days were mostly sunny, the middle of the hitch was characterized by falling precipitation. However, this meteorological event would not dampen the spirits of the krew, as they pressed on despite these adversities. Our compass lessons focused on values and unconscious biases.

Another highlight was the abundance of huckleberries that dotted the trail. Indeed, there were so many huckleberries that it started to become obnoxious. Sometimes they grew to be the size of blueberries, which was somewhat alarming. While the trail was hard to find at times, huckleberries were not hard to find. One section of the trail was deemed “Huckleberry Heaven” due to the resplendent outpouring of fruits in this particular region.

While one krew member was lost to injury, and the other to see their family, the group pressed on. During the storms, trees started to sway and branches started to fall, but safety remained our primary concern. Eventually, the sky cleared up and sunlight drenched the landscape, as the krew rode off into the horizon.


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