Maah Daah Hey Trail

  • June 29, 2017
  • Posted by Alea Stutz

MCC crew 7’s first “real” hitch of the 2017 summer season was 11 hours outside of home base Helena MT, on the Maah Daah Hey Trail of North Dakota. Two crew members short, and unknown work ahead of us, we forged ahead with the strongest PMA’s (positive mental attitudes) we could. The hitch kicked right off with no time for transition with a day of 6 miles of hiking from the Wannagan Campsite, while adding 46 water bars to the trail. Talk about a sink or swim scenario! Day two consisted of three downpours while working on digging waist-high tread right outside our campground. Throughout the nine day hitch, each crew member got the opportunity to act as chainsaw swamper for Tim, the CD rover. As we worked our way closer and closer to the Teddy Roosevelt Wilderness, we had to hike further and further each day just to reach our worksite. Day 6 at the Wannagan campsite meant hiking five miles one way into the wilderness to reset mile markers on Big Plateau. The next morning, we moved to the Bennett Campsite to work on the Cotton Wood Trail, where we ran into two bull snakes and our crew leader taught us the delicate art of the pig squeal (WEEEEEEE HEEEEEWWWWW!!!!). After three more days of treadwork in the blistering North Dakota sun, we were all thankful for a weekend in the Teddy Roosevelt Wilderness area as a short recoup before our next hitch immediately after. If nine days of work, a total of 50+ ticks, and campfire vegan chili don’t make a bonding experience, I don’t know what does.


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