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MCC’ers Vs. Mt.Brown, Part 1

  • July 13, 2018
  • Posted by Parker Dean

Elevation, elevation, elevation. These words rang through the heads of all members of the Glacier crew this week as we waited in anticipation to get back to work Monday. We were briefed that the trail we would soon be working on would be none other than the Mt. Brown trail, an area hit hard by the fires in 2017. Mt. Brown, with an elevation of 8566 feet, is one of the more difficult trails to hike as it gains over 4250 feet in a matter of 5 miles. It was our task this week to hike that, every day of our four day hitch with tools as we dug our tread down the mountain. Faced with adversity the crew persevered however and took on the challenge. All members found their comfortable pace as we trekked up the mountain the first, second, third and fourth days. We progressively made it faster and faster up the mountain and with sore legs and sweated brows did a considerable amount of work each day and did our work well.

Thankfully, as we became more conditioned to the hike, we were also visited by a few furry friends, mainly bucks and does, but this week we were graced by the presence of the over-friendly mountain goats of Mt. Brown. We were in total visited by 3 separate goats who were very determined to sample the salt from areas where crew members had snuck off for a bathroom break. The animal visits helped to lighten the mood of our long hikes and brought the crew’s morale back to 100%. All of us are painfully looking forward to another 6 weeks of sweat, sore legs, and goat visits soon to come.


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