Mosquito (A Poem)

  • August 14, 2017
  • Posted by Maeve Wrixon

I hear as I make my lunch
I hear over the sound my boot crunch
How can it be, all the way up here,
That this dang mosquito has found a way to my ear
It’s fine I think, they’ll leave me alone if I swing harder
Remember this mosquito is a son or a daughter
....but maybe it wouldnt mind being a martyr
I cant help it, so eager to get
What they’re after
The trail looks beautiful and my crew fills the air with laughter
I will be this mosquito’s captor
I will explain why it can’t have my blood
Heck maybe I’ll help it start a new chapter
It’s starting the creeping itch under my hood
At this point I’m pretty sure Ill be scratching for good
But as I’m looking around and I see my crew still smiling
I realize I should probably stop whining
These mosquitos are a reminder
To appreciate the air when they’re not there
There will always be tiny things that bother us
That can cloud our vision and distract us
But we must remember to look around
To remind ourselves of how lucky we are to have found what we have found
That our job is to take care of these precious grounds
To remember it takes less energy to smile than to frown
And as I take in truly this time and space
I hit the mosquito that landed on my face.


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