Mountain Weather

  • July 13, 2018
  • Posted by Guest Blogger

The sun beamed down as snow fell from the sparse clouds laid out in the mostly blue sky as we repaired the fence bordering the east side of Glacier National Park. “Welcome to the mountains!” shouted Lauren, a member of Glacier’s Integrated Pest Management team, barely audible over the wind whipping through the forest. Over the next few days we would become fully acquainted with the mountains and their associated weather. Before returning to the MCC office, with wet boots squeaking up and down Gateway Mall’s tile floors, we put in three ten hour days of work in what seemed like never ending downpour. While rain gear held out as long as it could, the inevitable soak eventually set in. I was sure misery would follow next, but as we were wrapping up our morning stretch, taking the last of our deep breaths as rain pelted down, our crew leader Margaret invited us all to “embrace the suck.” I realized how much easier the suffering got when it was accompanied by collective purpose, and I finally understood why misery loves company.

Note: conditions were too wet for photography equipment.


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