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Mt. Haggin Project – June 4th-8th, 2018

  • June 28, 2018
  • Posted by Andrea Lielkoks

Located near the historic mining town of Anaconda, Montana, Mt. Haggin still demonstrates the environmental degradation caused by a long history of intense resource extractive industries. This disrupted landscape poses as the perfect environment for invasive weeds to grow, which in turn outcompetes native plants and decreases biodiversity. Our work this week dealt with mapping and scouting for two of Montana’s hottest invasive weed species; dalmatian toadflax and white top.

Three out of four of MCC’s WRT crews (pictured above), worked in the same area in partnership with the Big Hole Watershed Committee to cover large swaths of land where these weeds are most prevalent. While most of our work was centered around invasive weed control and mapping, the last workday was dedicated to restructuring beaver dams to help slow riverbed erosion and promote re-vegetation. In addition to getting to wear stylish river waders, working on the beaver dams resulted in instant gratification as we were able to watch the stream slow down and change its course. The week couldn’t have been more rewarding; our crews were able to work on long-term restoration goals while hiking in Montana’s beautiful mountains and witnessing some of its wildlife (plants and animals – including a grizzly)!


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