My First Romance Novel

  • September 25, 2017
  • Posted by Isabel Christy

Fire season is a time filled with the unexpected. For our crew fire season has meant working in smoky conditions, making last minute changes to our hitch plans, and most notably moving from Moose Creek Ranger Station, to Fish Creek Ranger Station. Throughout this season I have been reminded again and again of how lucky we are to have project sponsors, Grangeville and many others, looking after our safety in addition to their many other responsibilities this busy time of year.

Living at Fish lake feels like a much more backcountry experience than living at Moose Creek. We no longer have countless guests, refrigeration, settlers of Catan, or a large book collection to choose from. The limited book selection led to one of the most unexpected events of last hitch: I read my first romance novel.

The novel was sent up with our resupply by one of the other crew leaders. I brought the book on hitch as a joke to read to the crew. However, by the end of hitch I was reading the book on my own with the rationalization that if I am carrying it, I better read it. Turns out this book had everything one could want from a romance novel: a family feud, an evil twin, attempted murder, kidnapping, and a mysterious/dangerous man with a soft side that manifests in his feeding of baby animals and painting hobby. Oddly enough, the book also had an environmental backstory, where a swamp was in danger of being destroyed by the building of a new chemical plant. I am not saying that this was a good novel, but it was very entertaining and dramatic. In fact, most of the crew was very curious about what happened in it and some are reading it for themselves. Who would have thought?

Out here, there is a lot of time to think and for me, that means over thinking this romance novel. While reading I could not help but think about when the line should be drawn between economic growth and conservation, or how appearances can be deceptive. So this hitch I thought about how the silliest and most shallow things can still be amusing and thought provoking and (maybe?) worthwhile.


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