New Experiences

  • May 19, 2019
  • Posted by Bryan Kreig

This past week was one full of new experiences and change in the Greater Yellowstone region. The week began with the welcoming of five new Youth Crew Leaders to the Bozeman YCL team. Those that began a month ago felt excited to welcome new leaders while the new leaders seemed eager to begin training. The new leaders began the long slog of a week that would include going over policies, driver training, tech training, and going to summit for the weekend after a full work week. The not-as-new members got lots of tech training in while getting to work with the new leaders. Connections seemed to form quickly over the few days that were shared on trail.

While this was going on, Jake and Agate spent the week in Wyoming meeting Crew Members and exploring the area around Lander, Wyoming.

Leaders also got to work with middle school aged kids on two separate occasions this week. We joined students of Chief Joseph Middle School for an after-school pizza “baking” session. Students were instructed on how to prepare the dough, cook it, and top it with sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. Each student got to make their own personal pizzas. It seemed as though a great time was had by the students as well as the MCC crew. On Friday, Youth Crew Leaders joined the students of Sleeping Giant Middle School of Livingston for Cougar Friday. Cougar Friday involves the students taking part in varying activities aimed at facilitating a sense of community for the kids. The Youth Crew Leaders went on a hike up Pine Creek with a group of students. Though it was raining and on the colder side spirits seemed high for all. Afterwards students were shown how to make their own pizzas. Some of the students were teaching the Youth Crew Leaders some of their own cooking tricks as well. Pizza was enjoyed by all involved. Cougar Friday was a great experience for the students as well as the MCC crew.


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