No Kissing in the Spaceship

  • February 29, 2012
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    Alex Hughes

Let’s start with fun because it is a must.
Laugh when you’re happy and when the day was a bust,

I after You, selfless acts help bind this crew.

A PMA is what you need,
To keep split’n those rocks and cut’n them tree’s.

Accountability is key to a hitch well spent.
Wear your PPE, don’t leave it in the tent.
Keep track of your luggage, your tools and such.
It may get eaten by a bear if left in the brush.

We all carry great strengths along with our packs.
Voice your weakness and we’ll help build that.

We are brothers, sister, teammates, and friends.
Respect each other’s space, thoughts, and natures lands. 

The days will grow long as the summer rolls on,
Don’t be afraid to speak your frustrations and we’ll all get along.
Open communication will keep us free; from anger, annoyances, and negative Nancy’s.

Our uniforms are basic, just pants and a shirt,
But our works not complete until they’re covered in dirt.

We are the MCC, 21 years strong.
Keep classy and carry our traditions on.

Strive for excellence, professionalism, and gold.
When the reporters come running, our story will get told.

We are who we are and we know what we know.
Don’t be afraid to take advice from your CO.

Last but not least, to help keep this peace,
Manage your smells. 


Totally dig it! It’s going on the office wall.

Posted by Stober at March 14 2012

This is the best!!

Posted by Kaitlin Burroughs at March 28 2012

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