Our First Backcountry Hitch

  • August 02, 2018
  • Posted by Patrick Lynch

We were all pretty excited for our first real backcountry hitch and we were headed to the Cabinet Mountains! It was time to rethink our meals, ditch the rig, hike to our campsite, compact our garbage, and figure out bear hangs. Our first setback occurred on our very first backcountry morning. Our stoves didn’t work, but that didn’t stop us from eating. Most of us had dry oats with peanut butter while nervously laughing about what dinner would look like if we could not fix them, but we did!

The next morning our spirits were high! We had a normal breakfast and were ready to get back to work clearing and brushing trails, but by the end of the day, two of our three saws were broken and setback number two hit us pretty hard. That very night, while putting up the bear hang, the branches broke and our bear hang fell. Which put us at setback number three.

The next day we moved to fixing tread and tried our best not to think of our broken saws. Then, while working, setback number four came in the form of a thunder storm. We were wet and tired, but somehow managed to keep our spirits high! If we had not been able to keep a good attitude throughout our struggles, this hitch would have been miserable, but we kept on laughing and working hard. In the end, I think we had a great backcountry experience and would all love to do it again!


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