Wilderness! Hiking <p>North Fork Cabin</p>

Our Very First Wilderness Experience

  • August 28, 2019
  • Posted by Brenna McGown

Does everyone write about their ‘best hitch ever’? For our crew, this hitch might be it. We were working on the North Fork of the Blackfoot (trail number 32) doing retread and brushing out the trail corridor. We had been on some less popular trails for our last few hitches- where we only saw 5 groups of people on our previous 5 hitches- so it was really fun to interact with the public on a broader scale. Their appreciation was nice too.

For the first 3 days of our hitch, we worked from the administrative trail head and were able to see lots of outfitter mules at the corrals. We even had a picnic bench and pit-toilet, talk about living the high life! On the 4th morning, we were packed in to our spike camp. Our project partners were nice enough to help us up our mani-tying and throwing skills. The mules were patient enough to let us practice too. We made it up to our spike camp, just past the Wilderness boundary to the Scapegoat Wilderness. We spent the rest of the hitch digging and brushing out the trail (with only a day or two actually in the wilderness boundary).

Unfortunately we weren’t able to use our cross-cut skills as there were no downed or hazardous trees. Even though most of our work was not in ‘wilderness,’ it was a treat to stay there. The biggest treat of all however, was after work on our second to last day, we took dinner and hiked up to the North Fork Cabin. We got to see the new bridge put in this summer and got to explore the cabin! Overall, it may have been one of our least ‘wild’ hitches, but it was great to finally get into the Wilderness (even if we didn’t get to crosscut).


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