Palisade Trail

  • August 08, 2017
  • Posted by Troy Lawrence

The first day, upon arrival, we met our project leader, Allie Wood. She instructed us on some work we would be doing for the first few days on the Palisade trail. Primarily, we would be installing check steps into a social trail and the trail proper, that we would then spend the next few days covering with tons and toooooons of dirt. The goal was to eventually bury the check steps on the trail so that you could no longer tell they were there, and to do the same on the social trail, which would then be closed off to allow plants to regrow over it, preventing erosion. Allie was amazing in her instruction and provided us with several informative lessons and clear instructions. After 3 days, it was completed to her specifications, and we moved to work with our sister crew at the Nickel Creek Trail. The trail is still under construction, and our job was to cut out the next portion. Allie had flagged where she wanted the trail to go, so we spent the first day scratching it out on the side of the mountain. It was steep, and there were a lot of rocks and roots in the way, but we made good time. After the first day, we began the real trail work, cutting the backslope out and making the trail the proper width. Allie wanted it as wide as a pulaski. This was what we spent the remainder of the days accomplishing, along with the frequent stump or boulder removal. We ended up making a short, but very nice looking addition to the trail, that was flatter than we would normally make it, but exactly to Allie’s specs. It was a great project that we had a lot of fun doing, and I can’t wait to see the trail when it is finally complete!


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