Our bridge spanned about 50 feet across a fast-moving Creek. Our bridge spanned about 50 feet across a fast-moving Creek. <p>After work naps in the sun were essential.</p>

Project Partners (dogs and cowboys)

  • October 05, 2019
  • Posted by Benjamin Conner

September found us 3,000 feet down in a canyon in Wyoming. We’d already been there for six days and we’d be there for two more. After enthusiastically ripping apart an old bridge on our first day, putting it back together proved to be a challenge. The plans drawn up in 2017 didn’t account for the metal superstructure and the supplies were short about 12 boards!

All was not lost though, on day three, our horse packers came back down to our work site with more tools and coffee, and Mason jars of bacon and venison (cowboy USFS contractor Brian couldn’t believe we forgot coffee and only had a few cans of chicken). On day five, when we’d truly hit a productivity wall, a troop consisting of the trails crew leader, head engineer and our two packers showed up and got down to business with John and Mickey, making a plan to finish the bridge.

On day seven, a curious dog appeared from around a bend in the trail during our morning stretch. We named him Chicken Teriyaki and argued about who was going to keep him until his owner showed up on horseback eight hours later.

Every night we enjoyed the stars and a campfire and semi melted candy bars (shout-out to the relentless Wyoming sun).


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