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Restoring sage grouse habitat

  • June 26, 2017
  • Posted by Guest Blogger

When we sat down on June 16th to get information about our next hitch, in the small town of Malta, Idaho, none of us were quite sure what to expect. We were told we were going to be cutting down juniper trees to help restore sage grouse habitat. Seemed a bit vague and many of us still had some lingering questions as to what exactly our upcoming hitch would entail. It sounded like a unique opportunity though.

When we arrived in Malta and saw where we would be working, our opinions began to change. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who thought we were going to be working on flat land, not hiking around on a mountain range. My initial thoughts were wrong, thankfully, and we got to work in the beautiful Red Rock Mountains. We became more and more excited about the project once we saw the area, and it’s not every day an MCC crew gets to work on habitat restoration.

The first day of work was long, hard, and very hot. But it gave us a taste of the type of work we’d be doing for the next week. Getting to hike a new area while also helping an endangered species was pretty awesome. As the days passed on and the more junipers we cut, the more apparent our impact on the area became. When we arrived, the lower lands of Red Rock were covered in small junipers, ranging from just a foot tall to about five feet tall. However, when we wrapped up our last day, we noticed how clear the surrounding areas were now. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the progress you’ve made after a long work week (especially when the progress is so evident).

Until next time, Idaho.


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