Save the Sage Grouse

  • August 07, 2017
  • Posted by Gregory Walter Klumpp

As we made the early morning voyage to the Birch Creek Mountains in Idaho, all indication of civilization gradually faded from beyond the glass panes of the MCC rig.

Our proud purpose on this project: save the sage-grouse!

Our method: purge the sea green fields of sage brush of douglas fir trees erratically growing through the brush. Douglas fir are the perching place of deadly raptors in the hunt for the gentle sage-grouse.

When briefed by an expert on the subject, our project partner John, we were kindly informed that cutting down these fir has reversed the decreasing numbers of sage-grouse.  We were enthusiastic about joining the cause.

After seven long but rewarding days, what with the temperamental weather of the Birch Creek Mountains, our impact was palpable.  In the many hours passed in the sagebrush fields, we spotted upwards of a dozen sage-grouse. The sighting of these birds in recent years has been rare according to John. The multitude of sightings validated our purpose while still on site. 

Only moments ago did we return to Helena, still reeking and coated in dirt, a symbol of our hard work.  Now can we return to civilization with pure satisfaction of a truly memorable experience.


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