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Sawyers getting things done… for America

  • April 01, 2019
  • Posted by Matthew Bagwill

Good ole’ WW took a roadtrip down to Slate Creek and Fenn Ranger stations this week to further their skills in chainsaw operation, primarily bucking/limbing, by working on hazard trees in various campsites. Also, many of us got the opportunity to fall our first tree, with special thanks to our Field Coordinators and Senior Crew Leaders for hosting lessons on felling. This hitch was especially rewarding because we were finally getting outside and doing work that had direct conservation results to the public land users. In other words, we were finally getting out and getting things done for America, like we had pledged well over a month prior. I do want to emphasize that the leadership development period has had vast amounts of useful tools to help us develop a crew, so that each member will have a transformative personal and professional experience in these amazing public lands. With that being said, getting our hands on a saw and performing as a crew in our first real hitch scenario was rewarding for all involved. The act of getting our hands dirty in the name of conservation reminded me of a small Haiku I wrote last summer in the Frank Church Wilderness, that I will end this blog with today.

Conservation wins,
by spreading from eyes to heart,
from heart to action


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