Ford Schoolhouse after work Ford Schoolhouse after work <p>YCC Flathead Crew in front of the Ford Schoolhouse</p>

Silky Fury

  • December 22, 2018
  • Posted by Stephen Ramage

We would not be deterred. Our YCC crew was on a mission to preserve the Ford Schoolhouse. The schoolhouse had long been decommissioned and had begun to fall into disrepair. More specifically, the Flathead National Forest Archaeologists had tasked our crew with clearing brush around the structure to make it more visible to the public while also reducing fire risks.

I felt dozens of pinpricks through my shirt and on my face. I was coated in mosquitoes. There was nothing I could do about our situation but work through it. On this particular day, I wielded a silky. I found myself working at a higher intensity than I had all season. Rhythmically, I sawed away with tunnel vision, ignoring the wines and bites of the bloodsuckers.

Before long, a crew member asked if it was time for lunch. Had we been working that long? I checked my watch and to my surprise it was a half hour past our normal lunch break. I sheathed my silky, stepped back, and inspected our crews work. Apparently, the rest of the crew had been working at a similar intensity. After only working several hours, the schoolhouse project was already nearly complete.

Times like these make me proud to have worked with MCC and the YCC program. I am inspired by my crew’s resilience, and their ability to maintain a positive attitude through times of hardship.


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