So you’re considering going into The Bob

  • February 21, 2019
  • Posted by Lloyd Farley

If you’re anything like me you’re probably digging through the blogs trying to figure out what you might be getting yourself into. Maybe you heard a little about one of the Bob Marshall Wilderness immersion crews and are debating whether or not to throw your hat in, or you have already taken that leap of faith and you are just trying to figure out what you could possibly do to occupy your time during your weekends. Im here to say that there is no level of reading or preparation that will possibly even come close to what you are going to experience and to just put away whatever device you might be reading this on and just send it.

If you have that type of attitude where just hearing about the most immersive backcountry experience that MCC and corps life has to offer piques your interest then you have what it takes. It wont be any prior experience that settles the nerves and it wont be any research. What might do it for you is pulling up to Big Prairie near dead and way past sore just to pour up a big ol’ glass of Tang as you dig into the cookie tin. Or your nerves might settle as you forget how concrete feels underfoot and the noise and commotion of Town Life fades away. Point is, you wont know you made the right decision until you are well into your first or second hitch out of Big Prairie and no matter how long it took for you to come to that conclusion you will still be dragging your feet when it comes to get out of that special place.

It’s easy to also get carried away by all of romance painted by the people like myself. We are on the back end of what was possibly the toughest, most uniquely challenging experience thus far in our life and nostalgia makes it easy to look over the tough parts. You might find yourself digging tread for days on end in the middle of what feels like an apocalyptic mosquito hatch, but just know that you were not the first to have that experience and that even you will come out of the experience waxing poetic, trying to sucker some other poor fool into what might just be the best time of their life.


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