Spotted Bear Crew Having a Blast

  • September 04, 2017
  • Posted by Brittany Erickson

5 hitches, over 200 miles of hiking, 1 trail, and 1 big blast. At Dean Creek, we finally wrapped up our last hitch in Spotted Bear. We completed our bigger projects such as creating 3 reroutes, 3 structures such as French drainages and rock walls, and digging numerous feet of new tread.

When we hiked out of Dean Creek on Sunday, we knew that our hitch wasn’t over. We had work to do up at South Creek (located approximately 4 miles from the Spotted Bear Ranger Station on the Spotted Bear River Road). We did tread touch ups on a new reroute, finished up a turnpike, and blasted 7 tree stumps. The MCC crew and fire crew stood guard at the junctions so traffic would not enter during the blasting for safety concerns. As the blast went off, we could see dust and wood chunks fly into the air in the distance and the shock wave from the blast made our hearts race and put a large grin on our face. It was a great way to end a hitch and we are excited to see some new country as we head to the Kootenai National Forest for our next hitch.


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