Spurge Spraying at Seely

  • July 09, 2019
  • Posted by Haley Brueckman

This hitch began with a beautiful drive up north along the lakes and rivers that lead to Seely Lake. There was anticipation in the air knowing that this was grizzly country, but it turned out the biggest challenge to overcome were the mosquitos. These evil buggers trailed us all around, telling their friends that fresh blood was in the area. With copious amounts of bug spray we managed to not let the bugs get us down and focused on the task ahead, Leafy Spurge. This invasive plant was all over the mountains overlooking Seely Lake, accompanied by Knapweed patches. We took our sprayers and began to hike all around the area, traversing through steep mountain sides. Every now and then we would look up to discover beautiful views of the area. The best part about being at Seely Lake was the lake itself. Everyday with tired ankles and toned butt cheeks from hiking up the mountain sides, we would get to wash off in the lake and enjoy the scenery. And it wasn’t even that cold! We are excited to spend our next two hitches at Seely Lake.


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