Sweet Potatoes/Spiritual Perfection

  • January 17, 2019
  • Posted by Jaisch Hosh

Teal Team Six has transitioned from the meditative and romantic efficiency of ancient crosscut manipulation to the inhuman, gut-spilling savagery of post-WWII heavy machinery. These “chain-saw” tools are of a chaotic and aggressive nature, invented by some of the sickest minds in technological history. It took some getting used to, but eventually we dominated these abominations of invention (except for Mike and Devin, who were already masters of this dark craft) and used them to our advantage, terrorizing the landscape wherever we went. The harsh noise of these heavy metal beasts rang throughout the forest, reminding the furry inhabitants that us mighty humans are the tyrants of nature. Still, the blood-sucking flying insects were not afraid, and they punished us greatly for our sins against the tranquility of sleepy mountain woodlands.

We worked many long days and still finished on the seventh day, after having our schedule adjusted to 8 due to our supreme time management skills. 7 is the number of spiritual perfection; a testament to TT6’s divine favor and harmony with the vibrations of the living earth.

We saw a mountain lion who was NOT afraid of us or our loud music, just walking down the dirt road in front of us. I saw a lot of squeaky marmot-type creatures which may or may not have been hallucinatory. We unexpectedly went backpacking last minute which was a good way to break in my weak and sedentary body after a month of compulsory light duty work due to excessive and abusive treatment of the left knee. There was an immense assortment of various delicious berries along our trails, which awaited our arrival after long stretches of desert-like ankle-crushing terrain. Every now and then we came across an actual Living Forest with Living Trees that produce Shade and other Desirable Attributes that one might expect when constantly trekking on hiking trails for 10 hours a day. This was quite a treat. We ate sweet potatoes in almost every dinner and swam a couple of times.


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