<p>Teal Team Six</p>

Teal Team Six

  • June 26, 2018
  • Posted by Joshua Haisch

Our hitch was indescribable, full of mystery and awe. Teal Team Six were the front lines, slicing logs like butter, so the Range Weeds crew could sweep in and destroy all of the noxious weeds, restoring order to the fallen state of nature that wreaked havoc on our public lands by those in power who swore to protect them.

We stayed at Magruder Ranger Station, revelling in the luxuries of smelly fridges and rat scat mattresses. The ticks were abundant; in necks, hairs, crevices, and belly buttons. We saw a hundred butterflies feasting on mule manure. We all witnessed how ‘saucy’ Mike can get. There was a good storm that knocked some trees into the street so we had a great learning experience on our way back to Missoula (or perhaps the trees were knocked down on purpose).
It was actually an awesome time; our team got much closer, we ate some delicious meals, saw some beautiful scenery, and got crosscut certified!


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