Teal Team Six 6/25-7/3

  • July 17, 2018
  • Posted by Joshua Haisch

Teal Team Six again brought destruction on a mighty scale to the fallen logs which selfishly plagued the trails like plaque in your arteries. Despite my gimpy knee inhibiting my ability to properly trek along the steep inclines, which led me to evacuate back into civilization halfway through the hitch, as well as Mike’s absence two days before mine for some sort of wedding, our team maintained our notoriously efficient and devastating execution of log dismantlement to provide access for the bumbling masses. We finished all of our scheduled projects ahead of time, worked on an immense log that was not part of our contract, and began work on a trail that was scheduled for our next hitch (the two latter accomplishments I was not present for, but rather resting my knee and watching the first season of The Simpsons).

We made contact with three non-MCC humans while in the Selway wilderness, which is a strange occurrence. First we came across Forest who was backpacking for 9 days with a very small backpack supposedly full of “enough” food and supplies, then we met Austin, the Hell’s Half Lookout whom we had communicated with via radio previously, and who happened to share a connection with Forest via his neighbor in a small town in Northern California. The next day we camped below Hell’s Half Lookout and had s’mores with Austin and some guy that was working on water research that ravished all of our leftover Hot Mush In A Bag that we were going to throw away. Austin is an ethnobotanist and very nonchalantly worked with National Geographic and is casually thinking about going to med school so he can become a travelling ethnobotanical medical doctor in Papua New Guinea (which he has been to a couple times and very nonchalantly speaks Tok Pisin fluently and has wandered through the rain forests living with tribes and studying plants used by sorcerers who are being paid as mercenaries by Chinese logging companies). He also made us pancakes and even gave us strawberries and bananas to garnish them. Now we will hopefully become a team of fire lookouts and collectively take his job when he goes to med-school because we are now experts.


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