Teddy Roosevelt National Park

  • July 26, 2017
  • Posted by Michael Hodge

Crew 7 has now taken the full tour of Teddy Roosevelt National Park, because thanks to this hitch we have visited the North, South, and East units of the park.

For this hitch we were tasked by the EPMT (Exotic Plant Management Team) with spraying invasive weeds, mainly canada thistle and leafy spurge. As we had no previous weed-spraying experience and this was a large job, we were paired with the wonderful Gold Crew from the Greater Yellowstone region based in Bozeman, who specialize in invasive weed spraying. With their help we were invasive weed experts in no time.

Some of the lows off the trip include a rig breaking down on the way to the site, temperatures reaching into the 100s, and fighting off bugs, like ticks, mosquitoes, ants, and horse flies. Some of the high points include a muddy river to cool off in during hot days, an epic lightning storm, herds of bison passing through our campsite as part of their morning commute, and getting to work with the wonderful Gold Crew.


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