• November 21, 2017
  • Posted by MCC

It’s so strange to oddly enjoy the things you thought you never would. To enjoy most of your day inside the rig traveling from one place to another but you haven’t noticed because you enjoy the hours of passing the aux cord. You start to enjoy grocery shopping or washing dishes, and you don’t mind breaking down your tent one more time because you just enjoy your time and the friends you’ve made around you. I’ve quickly learned in the few weeks we’ve been here just how to enjoy the small things I’d never given much attention to before. It’s so easy to explain to someone just how good it feels to enjoy the moment you’re in until you’ve actually understood that phrase yourself. I’ve enjoyed every part of this past week in the most simple way. I’ve enjoyed a full week of new learning experiences. Learning new trades and how to use new tools. I would have never imagined just how much fun I would find in learning how to break down and maintain a chainsaw or how to properly sharpen your axe. I would have never anticipated just how excited I would be to see a Juniper tree because that meant I could start the saw again or how cool it would feel to fell the next tree. I’ve enjoyed de-rigging, making dinner, and spending weekends off with these girls, but most importantly I think I have enjoyed just becoming a part of this team. Learning what to expect in a full workweek with them, working beside them everyday, and learning from amazing crew leaders has been the most rewarding. Just in this short time I have realized so quickly just exactly what it means to be a part of a crew. I’m thankful to know I’ll always get to learn something new tomorrow and take with me what I have learned today. I’m lucky to have seven, hard working ladies beside me to learn and grow from. I’m excited for another week on hitch cutting with this crew.


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