The End of the Road

  • August 05, 2017
  • Posted by Guest Blogger

I have one hitch left in my summer season with the Montana Conservation Corps. I’ve been to the east and west sides of Glacier National Park, to places most tourists never see. I’ve hiked mile after mile of mountain trail, hauling a pick, pulaski, or chainsaw. I’ve seen black bears, moose, and a mountain lion, as well as countless species of birds. I’ve been startled by grouse and ptarmigan in my path, massacred mosquitoes, and drank from the coldest, clearest waters I’ve seen.

I’ve met incredible people. Project partners who have inspired and encouraged me, people who I consider, in some way, to be my friends. I’ve met people I wish I could spend years with, people I will miss dearly, and people I never really got the chance to know.

But all trails have to end sometime, somewhere. This trail ends on August 18th, in Kalispell, Montana. But the next one begins so soon. The trail back to Madison, the path to graduation, and eventually my big walk on the Pacific Crest Trail. All trails end sometime, somewhere, but there’s always a trailhead around the next corner.


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