The Five Essentials of MCC Crew #4:

  • September 25, 2019
  • Posted by Maxine Haspel

You’ve heard of the Ten Essentials for Wilderness Survival. The traditional illumination, hydration, etc. However, if you’re considering joining MCC there are a few more things you might not be able to live without.

These are the Five Essentials of MCC Crew #4:

1. A Sense of Humor. The work we do out here, though extremely rewarding and enjoyable, is not always easy. Sometimes a big smile and a good sense of humor is all you need to turn the day around.

2. Playlists for Days. Start the morning off with Red Bone’s ‘Come and get your Love’. Make the ride from camp to the worksite more fun with Waylon Jennings’ ‘Never Been to Spain’ or start an impromptu dinner dance party to just about any song. A good playlist is an integral part of our crew’s day!

3. Extra Oreos. Our crew goes through Oreos like nobody’s business. You don’t want to find yourself like we did on our last hitch, four days in and out of double stuffed!

4. A Journal. From the first day with our crew to the very last you will find no shortage of funny, surprising, all around awesome stories to tell. From well-handled bear encounters to silly breakfast mishaps, you’ll need a journal to keep track of them all!

5. A Positive Attitude. “This is probably the greatest place in the country and we get to be here every day.”


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