The Krew in Missoula

  • October 10, 2019
  • Posted by Jordan Hamilton

In this adventure, we find our krew just outside of home in Missoula. Due to unforeseen snowfall, the overnight camping hitch was called off in lieu of a hitch close to town.

In the first segment of this hitch the krew ventured to a now defunct dam in the Rattlesnake. Trees had accumulated in this particular location and they needed to be removed immediately. Therefore, we whipped out our handy dandy chainsaw and got to sawing. We created an assembly line for carrying these sections of tree carcass out of sight and out of mind. If you can envision beavers building a dam, then you can imagine the exact opposite of what we were doing.

Then, we traveled a grueling two miles to the waterworks trailhead and began digging tread. This continued for most of a week. One bonus to this was the Moon Homestead, where the squad was able to interact with three adorable piggies (Diglet, Gunther, & Lewis) and some chickens. We rounded off the hitch by planting five species of grass on the backside of Waterworks and leaving a positive trace.


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