The Krew at Westside Canyons

  • July 24, 2019
  • Posted by Jordan Hamilton

Tin Cup Creek, located just outside of Darby, is a majestic place. Compared to the previous hitch at Buck Creek, a burn area, the luscious landscape was a welcome change of pace. The hitch started with an 8-mile hike to the base camp at Curly Flat. Situated next to the roaring river, this location was nothing short of beautiful. The Krew then set off to slice through any fallen trees that stood in their path. After the trail was cleared of dead-fall, fixing water bars was next on the agenda. The Krew was able to clear over 150 water bars during this hitch! About halfway through this journey, a change in venue occurred and camp was moved up to Tin Cup Lake, While the first site was gorgeous, the view from the second camp was awe-inspiring. This glorious high mountain lake is located at the base of snow covered peaks, creating quite the contrast. Calm rocky beaches surround this body of water as well. A little over the halfway point in the hitch weather conditions started to change from sunny and partly cloudy days to segments of torrential downpours and thunderstorms. Additionally, there was a spurt of conventional jawbreaker-sized hail! While clothes and gear were dampened, morale was not. The Krew then trudged through the next few days of soggy brushing, keeping in mind the important work they were doing on this trail. After a couple treacherous creek crossings, the gang made it safely back to the rig and then cruised on back to headquarters at MCC Missoula. All in all a spectacular hitch.


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