The Moosebirds in August

  • August 22, 2019
  • Posted by Jackson Crawford

The Moosebirds had an eventful couple of hitches in August. Plans changed after a ~2,500 acre forest fire erupted near Victor Creek and the crew headed up to a popular hiking and camping trail at Snowslide Lake instead. The trail was steep and rocky due to hikers opting for straight mountain goat trails instead of switchbacks, but a couple days of rock work, drains, and retread reestablished the original routes. On the first work day Jackson moved a large rock to build a check step and smashed his right ring finger. Crew leaders and members snapped into action and had the wound cleaned and bandaged quickly before taking him down to the hospital in McCall. The next few days were more of the same for the crew, aside from a few scattered thunderstorms that drove them down to low ground. Olivia attempted to take Jackson back to Missoula due to his finger, but they were blocked by a massive mudslide on Highway 95 and forced to return to camp. The rest of the crew was waiting at the parking lot, drenched by rain and hail, and the group decided to drive half an hour to McCall to eat dinner at a local burger shack to lift their spirits.

The following hitch the Moosebirds worked on a five mile trail connecting Upper Payette Lake to the crystal clear mountain oasis of Granite Lake. Casey and Jackson joined the crew midway through due to family emergencies and injuries, but in total the group cleared four miles of dense brush, built fifty drainage structures, and removed fifteen logs with chainsaws. Chilly nights made for incredible star gazing and late night shadow puppets scared a deer out of camp. Good timing allowed the crew to spend their last night at Weir Hot Springs for the second time this year and they stayed up late into the night counting shooting stars


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