Time Passers

  • June 30, 2017
  • Posted by Rosalie Sharp

Every Christmas growing up, my brothers and I would play what we called “time passers”-a variety of activities to help the time go by faster as we waited for mom to get home from work, which was when she and my dad would let us open one present to get excited for Christmas morning.  Our list of time passers included activities ranging from playing in the snow to spying on dad.  We even tried to nap, which consisted of laying in the dark for about 10 minutes before we got antsy and picked a new activity.

When I started doing trail work I was introduced to a new type of time passer; a series of verbal games crews play when we’re doing monotonous or repetitive tasks like brushing, cutting tread, clearing drains, or hiking to camp or a project site.

So far my crew and I have been in the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness for 6 days, and we’ve already broken out a bunch of time passers as we cleared the #4 trail on the way into Moose Creek Ranger Station.  Contact, would you rather, is it more like a cat or a pancake?, and riddles are all good ones.

Riddles are my personal favorite time passer- when someone tells me a riddle I’ll think about it off and on for hours, days if it’s a hard one, until I figure it out.  Here’s a good one to think about while you go about your own pleasantly monotonous tasks:

“There are 7 apples in a basket and there are 7 people.  Each person takes an apple and there’s still an apple left in the basket.  How does this happen?”

I hope you enjoy your monotonous tasks as much as I enjoy mine-don’t let the time go by too fast!

If you have any fun time passers, good riddles, or want to check your answer to this one I’d love to hear from you- I’m living at the Moose Creek Ranger Station for the next 4 months and am accessible by snail mail at:

Rosalie Sharp
508 Toole Ave
Missoula, MT 59802


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