Utah Crew Takes Idaho!

  • October 26, 2017
  • Posted by Bridget Powmesamy

This one was a doozy! Our first time backcountry! The gang loaded up from the Bonners Ferry Ranger District and arrived at the trailhead with our towering packs—we spent only two nights backcountry, about 4 miles into Idaho Panhandle National Forest. Think it’s safe to say ‘twas a breeze.

The second part of the hitch is where things got doozy-ish—for the latter half, we were working on an old Forest Service trail being opened up to public use, swinging tools side by side with Bonners Ferry volunteers. Had a 3 mile hike up to the trailhead every morning (which everyone handled like a champ), and a 3 mile hike down at the end of the work day. It was a tough project, and come the last day, we were all eager to book it back to Montana. The trails powers-that-be, however, didn’t want that for us—after packing up camp and loading up, we discovered that a grizzly gate that should’ve been dummy locked had been locked.

Yikes—we were trapped. Mike promptly took to the radio, which promptly didn’t get signal, so we determined the best course of action would be to hike up to the peak and try to get cell service. This would forever be known as the day Bridget and Mike ran up a mountain! They’re still working on parlaying this particular experience into a parkour career.

Good news, though, a Bonners Ferry fire crew unlocked the gate about an hour and five phone calls later. Even better news, we all refined our huckleberry-picking skills while waiting to be released! Adapt and overcome, we did.


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