Veteran Green Corps Concludes A Successful Season

  • August 21, 2017
  • Posted by Anonymous

The MCC Veteran Green Corps finished their season on August 3. For crew 12 the season ended where it began, at Strawberry Lookout only a few miles south of Helena. It was in May when sixteen strangers made their first face cuts under the watchful eyes of the Forest Service; now we confidently worked alongside our former trainers. In May a roaring campfire kept us warm during cold nights; now we breathed the smoke of distant wild fires strengthened by the heat of the summer. In May our time was just beginning, now it is at its end.

Parting ways, several members are joining local fire stations to fight wild fires, others return to college, and at least one is continuing on with the MCC. Sometimes who you are with is as important as what you are doing. This group was unforgettable. Every member had unique views, and personality quirks. Did these different viewpoints and personalities cause conflict? Of course. Did we find ways to overcome our differences, and get the job done? Of course.  May every member find luck in their future endeavors.

The MCC asks its participants if they would consider the time spent here as a life-defining experience. It seems impossible to know that right now, maybe some years from now we will look at this experience as one of the most important in our lives. Perhaps we will view it as the springboard that launched our careers, or it will just be a summer spent seeing new lands, trying new skills, and learning something about ourselves. Even if it isn’t ‘life-defining’, that does not mean the experience is not worthwhile, just that a life might be difficult to define. 

No matter what experience was derived from this summer, thank you MCC.


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