War Against Weeds Continued

  • July 21, 2019
  • Posted by Haley Brueckman

We began this hitch at the Monture Ranger Station where we got to experience what it means to be a cowboy for the afternoon. We lifted dozens of 70 pound hay bales and stacked them accordingly for the use of the pack animals. As the say “Everybody wants to be a cowboy until they start doing cowboy work.” Our backs and hands ached after a few hours of this hard work, but we finished the day with smiles on our face and feeling pretty rewarded. We then moved on to tackling the weeds in the area, which was no easy feat! We clipped hounds tongue for hours, which is every weeds crew’s arch nemesis due to the sticky seeds that attach to our gloves and clothes. After this work was done we continued our adventure to Seeley Lake and fought against the invasive weeds up in burn sites. The work we were doing was reassured by the plethora of wildflowers such as fire weed, western yarro, and lupine that covered much of the area. It was nice to know we were protecting these native plants and the diversity they represent. Each day we would finish our hard work and go back to camp for a refreshing swim in the lake. One night we were awakened by the thundering booms of a lightening storm that shook the ground. Just another reminder that the Montana wilderness is truly wild!


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