Warm Hearts Warm Homes in St. Ignatius

  • October 31, 2017
  • Posted by Emma-Lea Harris

We’ve ended the season with a very different sort of hitch, but nonetheless an important one.

For starters, we were split once again from our main crew, though we still saw each other regularly at the end of the day where we were staying, so in a way it was almost like we hadn’t been split at all.

Another very different aspect of it was the fact that a crew member had been certified to drive, namely, me. That was only slightly terrifying, as it turns out, for everyone involved.

We’ve not been so directly involved with people on our projects before, usually having it limited to brief “Hellos” and “Watch out for bears!” on trails out in the back country. But dealing with the elderly of the Salish communities turned out to be an unexpected joy and mini-adventure in and of itself.

We met many interesting characters and accomplished what we set out to do: Improve homes and ensure that they would keep out the cold this coming winter, and I like to think we made a positive impact on those we interacted with.

Our crew has always been one for dealing with challenges, and this was a very different, very unique, and very fulfilling one.


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