Warm Hearts Warm Homes - Troy, MT

  • October 31, 2017
  • Posted by Guest Blogger

From October 17th through the 20th, our crew (Shelby Weister, Jacob O’lexey, and I - James McClellan) worked in and around Troy, MT helping citizens weatherize their homes for the upcoming winter months. We provided houses with several helpful improvements to make each more energy efficient, and some of these included installing weather stripping and padded door frames to prevent drafts, adding a sealant insulation material to windows, providing energy-saving light bulbs and temperature gauges to the home owners, and placing padded insulation onto hot water heaters. Each of these measures helped to ensure the safety and security of the residents as well as the overall peace of mind that they would be warmer this winter along with the added benefit of saving money on heating costs.


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