Warm Hearts Warm Homes

  • November 01, 2017
  • Posted by Margaret Beck

Working with Warm Hearts Warm Homes provided us with the opportunity to travel to a part of Montana that we had yet to go to with the MCC. Though we weren’t camping in the wilderness like usual, it was still a huge learning experience for us, having been split up into a crew of just two members. WHWH provides assistance to some folks in preparation for wintertime; we help families get plastic up on the windows, and install door kits to cut down on drafts coming in from the outside. To further cut down on energy consumption, we also supply LED lightbulbs and an energy efficient battery to each home.

On the way to Libby, MT, we took special notice of the color of the larches, cottonwoods, and aspens that gave us quite a view on the drive down Highway 2. One of the more memorable moments in Libby was meeting a bona fide Montana man, who welcomed us into his home to meet his family and share stories of his favorite places to hunt, hike, and camp in the Kootenai National Forest. He even offered to hike with us in the future if we find ourselves in the area again next year. His house was a small showcase of the wildlife one can find in Northwest Montana, including two black bears, an elk, and a set of moose antlers that he let us hold; those were stored far away from his pup, who delighted in knawing on the giant 25 pound prizes.

We had a great time exploring and getting to know the community of Libby. The small town is home to Rocky Mountain Music, a music store that doubles as a time capsule back to the 80’s with an impressive vinyl library that rivals that of any collection we had seen in the past. We spent our fair share of time poking through the endless shelves of classic country music, as well as the mineral and gem collection that includes a mammoth tooth found nearby.

The week was full of misguided directions courtesy of Google Maps, down time spent exploring the town of Libby, and enjoying the families we had the privilege of meeting. It was an excellent way to spend one of our last weeks with MCC.


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