Warming homes and hearts in Polson

  • October 30, 2017
  • Posted by Taylor Cannon

Warm Hearts Warm Homes is a different kind of work than we do most of the season here at MCC. But as we quickly found out, different doesn’t mean less important or impactful. For most of our season, we have minimal interaction with the public. We are often in the backcountry wilderness, or 12,000 feet up a mountain, toiling away in isolation. We are helping the environment, and the public by association, but Warm Hearts is a much more direct personal endeavor. It is our chance to go out and positively affect the PEOPLE of Montana. It’s fair to wonder how much of an impact our small organization can have, and it’s true that sometimes our crew would leave a home wishing we could have done more. But one thing I came away from this past week knowing for sure is that the work we do does make a difference, and the people of Montana are very appreciative. Whether it’s a door kit to fill those gaps around the entrance to a home, or creating a cover for a window where none existed, these small things are in fact huge things. During our week in Polson, MT, our crew met some very nice people in some difficult circumstances. However, most insisted that there were many who were much worse off than themselves, and suggested others that we might visit. Warm Hearts Warm Homes may be a different kind of work than most of our season, but our crew came away from this week admiring the strength and generosity of the people of Montana, and glad that we were able to do what we could to help them.


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