Weatherization is a Mixed Bag

  • October 27, 2011
  • Posted by Dianna Robinson

Weatherization is a mixed bag.  We take the good with the bad – both in terms of houses, and experiences working with new colleagues.  After a long summer getting to know our crews (in some cases much better than we ever needed to), we’re now faced with the challenge of working with new people and figuring out their personal dynamics.  As with many of these types of situations, there are of course the occasional mishaps, but in general this process has been a good one.  I’ve personally had the opportunity to work with several members I’ve never even had the chance to speak to, let alone share the experience of going into strangers’ homes together.  One day last week, I happened to be working with the happiest member the MCC has even seen on the day we went to the grumpiest house to date.  Another time we met a feisty older lady who tried to foist a case of dried pasta onto us, and looked at a photo album of her 80th birthday.  Even though Central Divide is a small region, it’s still large enough to afford more “getting to know you” time.  Thankfully, we have this time at the end of our service to learn about the other crews and projects, and also to wind down after a long, hot summer.


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