Wild and Scenic Hitch

  • May 20, 2018
  • Posted by Erin Canter

MCC’s Youth Crew Leaders headed out to the Red Ives Ranger District in Northern Idaho last week to continue our technical training near the St Joe Wild and Scenic River. Over the ten day period, we honed our chainsaw skills, burned brush piles, made cedar shingles, learned the ins and outs of water bars for trail runoff, and retreaded sections of trail. In addition to hard skills, we also worked together continuously to strengthen our co-leading pairs and communicate effectively about such things as whether or not potatoes with tomato sauce is an acceptable dinner option (it is) and whether or not pulaskis are effective trail clearing tools in the event of chainsaw malfunction (they are).

After a rainy first few days the skies cleared, brightening moods and offering us amazing views of the night sky. The trilliums were in full bloom and the sunny days rejuvenated our commitment to working outdoors in this incredible area. Can’t wait for our next hitch!


Beautiful people and I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep up the good work. What is a pulaski? Papa thinks it is a type of saw. Love ya Mimi

Posted by Lucy Whalen at May 26 2018

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