Working for MCC: An Experience of a Lifetime

  • September 27, 2017
  • Posted by Hunter Brooks

I had no idea about what I was getting myself into when I joined MCC. I had no prior knowledge of the program and only knew about them as the people who came down and helped us U.S. Foresters in the Sawtooth Forest region. I joined late, due to high school graduation and jumped into my first hitch with no real knowledge of the job. This turned out to be the first day of my best summer. There was never a point when our crew wasn’t growing, learning, and building. We faced adversity and conquered obstacles using teamwork and pure grit.

Our crew had many experiences, did many things—from swamping to invasive species management to building a trail from scratch—and went to many places. I enjoyed every second of it and it seemed like I was learning something new every minute; whether that be something about how to camp better, prepare and work, or something about another crew member, or even something about myself. 

This summer I learned many things: A bivy is not the greatest shelter, I bend my back a little too much when operating tools, and I can be abrasive when talking to people sometimes. But I also learned that I love the wild, I loved working with my crew (one full of extraordinary people), and that working for MCC was one of the best decisions I ever made. I gained more experience than I could ever ask for and friendships with people from my crew that will last for a lifetime.


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