Wyoming Women’s Fire Crew

  • November 21, 2017
  • Posted by MCC

The last week of a season is almost always a strange one, emotionally that is. To this point we have fought fire, we have cut endless fields of juniper and piled them into towering stacks to be burned in the future, we have learned about hose lays, fire suppression, weather, communication, tool maitenance and handling. We have broadcast burned fields and watched in amazement as the flames took hold of the 75 acres in front of us. I could honestly go on for 3 months about the things we have seen and experienced. I’ve looked at the faces of the strong women around me and seen their growth and know that we will all walk away from this program stronger and wiser and more importantly with 1,000 more jokes to spread the laughter and happiness we fostered in our crew to the world and communities we find ourselves in the future. I find myself trying to look past the wear and tear of the end of season vibes and really take in what just happened. Eight women from all around the country came together to work and live so close and chose to bond on our similarities and learn from our differences. To walk with heads held high to that dinner tent as eyes looked from all around wondering “Who are they? Are they all girls?” We were successful even in our failures because we never gave up and we learned and improved time and time again. I hope that one day gender won’t have to be a conversation in any field. I do not believe that men are stronger than women or that women are stronger than men. I believe that the human mind can be strong, that any muscle builds memory, and as long as you have the motivation to get out there and put your whole body and mind to it, you can succeed. That is exactly what happened to Wyoming Womens Fire Crew 1.


This is awesome! When will the applications be open for the next Wyoming Womens Fire Crew?

Posted by Katy Gray at December 10 2017

I have been looking into you guys for a while now!! It is now 2018, and too late to apply for a spot on the crew, when will you guys have applications out for 2019?

Posted by Molly Fox at November 28 2018

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