Yellowstone: Working to Reroute the Soshone Lake Trail

  • August 17, 2017
  • Posted by Hunter Brooks

Being an MCC trails worker there are not very many things that could excite you more than learning that your crew was going to Yellowstone. Even more so, going to Yellowstone to start building a brand new stretch of trail from scratch.

The nine mile hike brought us through emerald Lodge Pole Pine forests and open hill tops that overlooked Shoshone Lake. Shoshone Lake was crystal clear and shimmered with a dark green tint from afar. It was breathtaking.

We hiked two and a half miles past the worksite to our camp. We were cold and wet and were really only focused on retiring to our cozy sleeping bags. The next morning brought even more misery. Tents were covered in ice and two crew members were sick. The fog laid heavily on us giving only maybe five meters of vision.

But about half way through our hike the fog began to lift giving way to an extraordinary view. Lily pad rivers reached out to touch the black shimmering lake leading in to a cloud that slowly began to rise off of the water’s surface. At that moment every crew member got a sense of place and could not help but stop and watch the spectacle.

The only thing that dwarfed my excitement was the beauty given to the crew by the amazing backcountry of Yellowstone. Everyone’s spirits were raised everyday by this incredible view and I am so glad that I was able to work in such an incredible place through MCC. 


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