Youth Expedition Pro-Tips

  • August 14, 2019
  • Posted by Guest Blogger

MCC Youth Expedition Pro Tips: Some Do’s and some Do Not’s

-Never forget your friend with a Leatherman.
-Always bring (& FILL) your water bottle.
-Always ensure power tools are functioning before hiking 9 miles.
-Don’t look over cliff edges with your helmet on.
-If you think the back country latrine is big enough…triple it!
-When shopping for six teenagers at Wal-Mart expect to receive commentary (‘Holy Bagels!’).
-Never turn your back on a boat.
-You probably don’t have enough hand sanitizer.
-If there is a spider in your tent, war clubs are not the best form of protection.
-If you wear blue, you are a werewolf.
-When opening gates always exercise caution.
-If there are huckleberries within reach of the trail, you’re ‘technically’ clearing the trail corridor.
-The best way to get down the mountain is to run.
-Put your dirty socks in your sleeping bag stuff sack for use as a pillow.
-Always listen to country music…
-NEVER listen to country music!


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