Piikani Lands Crew and Wind River


Joining the Piikani Lands Crew gives you the opportunity to work alongside others from the Blackfeet Nation who share your interest in making a lifelong impact on the community and nearby ancestral lands. 

Through this experience you will have the opportunity to gain valuable job skills including trail maintenance, wildlife surveying, fencing, facilities maintenance, and much more. In addition to technical skills, you stand to gain experience in team work, effective communication, and leadership. Project partners include The Blackfeet Tribe, Tribal Historic Preservation Department, Glacier National Park, the USDA Forest Service, Montana Wilderness Association, Nature Conservancy, and Iinnii Initiative.

For more information about this position, please call Clifford at 406.755.3619 (or email Cifford at clifford@mtcorps.org).

Wind River

The program is based in Wyoming and is designed for Native American young adults from communities in and around the Wind River Indian Reservation.

We also have other opportunities to serve with Montana Conservation Corps - check them out here!  

If you have any questions on the Wind River Program please call our Greater Yellowstone Regional office directly at (406) 404-4265

Position Offerings

Location: Kalispell/Browning
Start/End Dates: May 4 - August 18, 2020
Compensation: $12.00/hour
Job Status: Temporary Full-time, non-exempt

The Piikani Lands Staff Crew Leader (CL) will be instrumental in the implementation of a corps program on the Blackfeet Reservation. Primary duties of the CL include, with a co-leader, assuring the successful completion of MCC natural resource and community service projects, on-site management of a crew, monitoring of crew dynamics to ensure a high level of crew motivation and functioning, as well as the delivery of the full range of MCC program components. The CL and co-CL are part of a leadership team working under the supervision of the Program Manager. The CL is the primary in-field liaison between regional staff and the on-site project partner or technical advisor, generally an employee of the land management agency or group working with the crew. The CL will also establish and maintain a good working relationship with other partner personnel, Crew Members, MCC staff and volunteers who come into contact with the crew. The CL prioritizes Crew Member development through program delivery, project work, and adherence to MCC policies and procedures.

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Location: Browning
Start/End Dates: May 18 - August 14, 2020
Compensation: $10.00/hour
Job Status: Temporary Full-time, non-exempt

Piikani Lands Staff Crew Members will work as part of a team of 6-8 people, including 2 leaders, to complete a variety of natural resource and community projects.  Duties include establishing and maintaining good working relationships with MCC regional staff, project technical advisors, volunteers, and fellow crew members, as well as perform designated duties with a positive attitude.  They will work under the supervision of the Pikanii Lands Crew Leaders and MCC Regional Program Manager.  Members will receive two weeks of orientation and technical skills training, followed by 11 weeks of field-based project work, taking place on tribal and public lands. Though most projects will be “day projects”, meaning the members will go home at night, there will likely be a couple of weeks where the crew will camp out overnight.

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