Grand Teton Tribal Youth Corps

Youth Programs Cancelled for 2020 Summer Season

Given the design of our youth program model, the contagiousness of COVID-19 and the often rapid onset of severe symptoms, MCC has determined, to ensure the safety of our adolescent participants, that it is prudent to cancel all of our summer programs for high school and middle school-age students. Click Here for Further Explanation.


Grand Teton Tribal Youth Corps is a four-week paid experience for teens ages 15 to 18. The program is based out of Grand Teton National Park and is designed for Native American youth from communities in and around the Wind River Indian Reservation. As a Tribal Youth Corps Member, participants call their tent home for most of the month. Each crew is led by two graduates of the Montana Conservation Corps’ Leadership Development Program. Crews work, serve, and learn in some of Montana’s wildest places!

Projects are a mix of “backcountry spikes” where crews will be packed a few miles into the project site, camping there for five to twelve days, and “front country spikes” where crews car camp near the project site. Participants are exposed to challenging physical work as well as the rigors of camp life. The weekends give crews a chance to explore, recreate, relax, and to get to know each other and the areas around the project.

Each session begins with a one-day orientation covering safety, leave no trace principles and program basics, expectations, and logistics. Expedition crew members are taught MCC’s program objectives of communication and team skills, leadership development, environmental stewardship, technical field skills, and embracing a strong service ethic through their crew experience and complementary education. 


Location: Grand Teton National Park
Program Dates: June 8 through July 14, 2020
Rate of Pay: $8.65/hour

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Location: Grand Teton National Park
Program Dates: July 12 through August 7, 2020
​Rate of Pay: $8.65/hour

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