Wildland Restoration Team

MCC’s Wildland Restoration Program puts members on the frontlines of invasive species management and ecological restoration in an early detection rapid response model for wildland restoration.  Crew members are trained in plant identification, inventory and monitoring techniques using GPS, invasive species management that may include chemical, biological and mechanical treatments, and resource conservation management practices. Wildland Restoration crews may also participate in innovative wetlands and habitat restoration projects such as beaver pond mimicry. Projects are often rigorous requiring carrying a heavy backpack sprayer and working in hot weather across rugged terrain while wearing protective gear. But the exposure to resource professionals working on premier public lands in the West, and real-world job experience in wildland restoration is unparalleled.

For more details about our Wildland Restoration Team, check out our FAQs and Suggested Gear List.

Position Offerings

Location: Missoula
Program Dates: July 22 through November 1, 2019 
Living Allowance: $504.00 biweekly
AmeriCorps Education Award: Upon completion of the program

The Western Wildlands WRT late summer/fall project work will expose our participants to landscape scale wildland restoration efforts and practices through a diverse project base located Western Montana.

Participants will gain experience and proficiency in chainsaw use during forest thinning projects focusing on the reduction of wildlfire risk and the development of wildlife habitat.  Additional project work will feature a range of wildland and wetland restoration techniques including beaver mimicry, native plant revegetation, erosion control, and invasive plant management.

This WRT position offers an educational, fun, and challenging experience in on-the-ground conservation practices intended to restore public lands by encouraging and supplementing historical natural processes through a crew-based, field oriented experience. Candidates interested in developing or pursuing career in wildland restoration, forestry, natural resource management and related fields, or candidates who simply want to work hard and gain valuable skills in beautiful landscapes are encouraged to apply.

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Location: Bozeman
Program Dates: April 22 through August 16, 2019
Living Allowance: $686.60 biweekly
AmeriCorps Education Award: $2,215.24 upon completion of the program

The Wildland Restoration Team Leaders gain valuable, practical, and professional experience in the burgeoning field of ecological restoration. The primary focus of the WRT Leader is the identification, treatment, and inventory of invasive plant species throughout our most iconic and endangered landscapes in the Northern Rockies ecosystem. WRT Leaders become well versed in the identification of both native and invasive plant species, the impacts of invasive species on public lands, and safe and effective methods to treat infestations via chemical, mechanical, and manual methods. Depending on term of service and team placement, additional experience and project work in community-based restoration efforts, stream restoration, water quality monitoring, mapping, and revegetation projects round-out the regional project base. Our Greater Yellowstone (Bozeman) region works extensively in nearby National Parks, including Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Theodore Roosevelt. WRT crews based out of the Northern Rockies (Kalispell) office will work out of the Spotted Bear Ranger District in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex.

The Wildland Restoration Team Leader is a solo leadership position, responsible for the development and oversight of three WRT Members, implementation of the MCC mission statement and programmatic objectives, including delivery of our educational curriculum. As a solo leadership experience, the WRT Leader requires a higher level of self-direction and independent decision making ability. WRT Leader responsibilities and professional development opportunities include restoration worksite management, professional herbicide applicator certification, GPS data collection and record keeping, and the maintenance of relationships with project partners, staff, and other professionals in the field. The WRT Leader is supervised regionally by the Wildland Restoration Coordinator, and serve as the primary liaison between regional staff and project partners.

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Location: Kalispell, Missoula, and Bozeman
Program Dates: May 20 through November 1, 2019 OR May 20 through August 16, 2019
Living Allowance: $504.00 biweekly
AmeriCorps Education Award: $2,960 (6 month) OR $1,252.91 (3 month)

The Wildland Restoration Team (WRT) Member gains valuable professional and practical experience in the burgeoning field of ecological restoration.  The primary focus of the WRT is the identification, treatment, and inventory of invasive plant species throughout our most iconic and endangered landscapes in the Northern Rockies and Plains ecosystems utilizing chemical, mechanical, and biological treatment techniques.  This position is supervised by the Wildland Restoration Field Coordinator with support from other regional staff.  This position should be viewed not as a 9-5 job but as an experience where long hours and extended time away from home, often in adverse environmental and weather conditions, are to be expected.  This position will not have recurring access to vulnerable populations.

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