Youth Programs Cancelled for 2020 Summer Season

Given the design of our youth program model, the contagiousness of COVID-19 and the often rapid onset of severe symptoms, MCC has determined, to ensure the safety of our adolescent participants, that it is prudent to cancel all of our summer programs for high school and middle school-age students. Click Here for Further Explanation.


Montana Conservation Corps offers young people of every background a rewarding opportunity to learn while serving communities and public lands in Montana and the surrounding area. When your child chooses to serve as an MCC Youth Member, he or she is making a personal commitment that will not only give them strength and focus to succeed in life, they are making a commitment to be part of a tight-knit crew that lives and works together to impact important public needs. When young people have the chance to engage in meaningful work, they grow as leaders and citizens and gain a sense of connection to their community. However, serving with MCC is a challenging opportunity. 


Personal safety during service and ways MCC helps protect Youth Members.

Risk management is defined as the culture, processes, and structures that are directed towards the effective management of potential opportunities and adverse effects. Therefore, the overarching goal of risk management is to implement reasonable and prudent procedures and policies that help to minimize the risks associated with the activities employees, members, and volunteers participate in.

The health and welfare of volunteers, members, and staff is the highest priority of MCC. Therefore, we work diligently to maintain a safety program that integrates the elements of safety, supervision, employee communication, and project accomplishment into a single work process. Our risk management protocols serve as a minimum for safe operations among MCC employees, members, and volunteers.  

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