We’ll build over 50 miles of fence in a single year including: split rail, jack leg, barbed wire, buck and pole, and even a privacy fence for a local housing project.

Charles M. Russell (CMR) Refuge

Phillips County, North Central MT

Working with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Youth and Field crews hope to help restore native prairie grasslands, create thoroughfares for native wildlife such as buffalo, native birds, deer and elk; and promote the natural history of the American prairie. Agencies have been buying up portions of agricultural farmland. The MCC crews then remove the fence line, and the buffalo roam and forage the grassland promoting native prairie growth.

The WWF sponsors also provided crews with education on how to preserve and conserve the prairie and its animals. MCC crews learned and witnessed why some buffalo removal helps with the herd population; sponsors jumped from their truck to grab a rattlesnake and teach and inform the crews about the snakes.  Overall, MCC crews left the project with the thrill of adventure and a sense of accomplishment as buffalo slowly sauntered through a de-fenced line along the prairie—America’s Serengeti.

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